SCAJ2019 Conference and Exhibition September 11(Wed)- 13(Fri), 2019
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* Mandatory items Application date:4/8/2020
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Corner Booths Required
※In addition to booth exhibition fee, additional charge(JPY50,000 / per booth)is required.
 If there are a lot of applications, whoever comes first will be served first.
 If you are applying for one or more booths, please indicate the number of booths required within the following remarks.
Exhibition Terms and Conditions

■ Compliance
Companies, organizations and other parties that participate in this event by displaying exhibits, conducting seminars, etc. (hereinafter “Exhibitors”) must abide by all the terms and conditions listed below and rules presented by the organizer. If an Exhibitor is found to have breached such rules, engaged in an act of nuisance on a third party or carried out an act contrary to public order and good morals, the organizer may reject the Exhibitor’s exhibition application, terminate the exhibition agreement, or instruct it to remove or modify its booth, exhibits and decorations. In such an event, the organizer shall not reimburse the Exhibitor with any of pre-paid costs and shall not be held liable for any damage caused to the Exhibitor and associated parties. If the organizer suffers damage, the Exhibitor must compensate the full amount to the organizer.

■ Application
To participate in the exhibition, use the application form available on SCAJ’s official website (
and follow the instructions. (Contact the Exhibition Secretariat if you wish to apply by fax or email)
Once your participation application is confirmed, the SCAJ2019 Conference office will send you an invoice. Your Application will officially be considered complete once payment is confirmed. The organizer shall approve or disapprove the application after examining whether the Exhibitor’s goods, services, etc. match the purport of this event.
【Primary application due date (early entry): April 19 (Fri), 2019】
【Secondary application due date (final): May 31 (Fri), 2019】

■ Exhibitor name
The Exhibitor name provided in the application form may be shown in this event’s announcements, advertisements, official website, official program / guide, etc. Make sure to provide the correct and official company name / organization name that you wish to see on such publications and media.

■ Expenses covered in the participation fee
 (1) Venue usage fee and lighting / air-conditioning charges during the preparation and exhibition periods
 (2) Basic booth installation expenses including the installation of panels, lights and base power outlet
   (Basic facilities included in the fee vary according to the choice of booth type.)
 (3) Installation and maintenance expenses for shared facilities
 (4) Public Relations / advertising expenses for the overall exhibition and costs of producing promotional materials
 (5) Expenses associated with the Secretariat’s event planning, administration, safety management and on-site security, etc.

■ Expenses not covered in the participation fee
 (1) Exhibitor’s costs of decorating its own booth, transporting its exhibition materials into the venue and running the booth
 (2) Cost of additional electrical work (including primary and secondary), and electricity charge
 (3) Cost of installing water supply and drainage, and water charge
 (4) Venue usage charge outside standard hours
 (5) Any other expenses not included in the regular participation fee

■ Payment of the participation fee
The organizer shall send an invoice upon receiving each application. Exhibitors must complete payment by the date specified in the invoice.
Bank: MUFG Bank, Ltd. / (Bank Code: 005)
Branch: Ueno Chuo Branch / (Branch Code: 065)
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
Account Number: 0066221
Account Name: SCAJ Tenjikai
Payment due date:
【Primary application period: May 15 (Wed), 2019】
【Secondary application period: June 12 (Wed), 2019】
Payment method: Bank remittance in the Japanese yen
(All banking transfer fees are payable by Exhibitors.)

■ Cancellation after application and cancellation fee
An Exhibitor must notify the organizer in writing if it wishes to cancel all or part of its participation application after the application is submitted. A cancellation fee is payable as detailed below. If an Exhibitor fails to pay its participation fee by the applicable due date, its exhibition agreement shall be cancelled, also incurring the cancellation fee.
 (1) If canceled between the date of application and June 12, 2019: 50% of the participation fee
 (2) June 13, 2019 onwards: 100% of the participation fee

■ Determining booth layout and seminar schedule / locations
The organizer shall determine booth layout and seminars’ schedule / locations in consideration of exhibition scales, display / seminar contents, past participation records, past sponsorship and other details. In principle, priority options are given to Exhibitors who are also event sponsor or use space equivalent to at least four booths. The booth locations of all the other Exhibitors shall be determined in a draw, to be held at the Exhibitor Information Session.

■ Prohibition of sub-letting, selling, buying, transferring or exchanging exhibition booths
Exhibitors are prohibited from sub-letting, selling, buying, transferring or exchanging all or part of their exhibition booths. Parties other than Exhibitors are not allowed to display any exhibit without the approval of the organizer.

■ Exhibits / sale products
Exhibitors are allowed to display only the exhibits / sale products declared by them in advance and approved by the organizer in accordance with the Exhibition Manual. The organizer may demand immediate removal of any exhibits that have not gained advance approval.

■ Management of decorations and exhibits, and disclaimer
Exhibitors are responsible for managing their decorations and exhibits during the exhibition period and the period of transporting such items into and out of the venue (including during exportation and importation). The organizer shall not be held liable for any damage, theft, loss or breakage of decorations and exhibits.

■ Payment associated with the use of facilities, etc.
Exhibitors must, if they require facilities or services provided by the organizer, apply for their use in advance according to the Exhibitor Manual, and complete payment of the applicable fees by the day before the start of the exhibition.

■ Transporting items into and out of the venue
The Exhibitors must complete transporting booth decorations, exhibits, etc. into the venue by the end of the period defined in the Exhibition Manual. Exhibitors must also take all the booth decorations, exhibits, etc. out of the venue after the exhibition by the end of the defined period and restore the exhibition space to its original condition. Exhibitors must compensate for any and all damage incurred by the organizer as a result of their failure to adhere to the given timeframe or remove all items after the exhibition.

■ Fire prevention and safety
Exhibitors must comply with all laws, regulations and rules concerning fire prevention and safety, applied to the exhibition venue.

■ Damage liability
Exhibitors are liable to compensate for any damage caused by themselves or their associated parties to the exhibition venue, venue facilities, third-party persons and their properties, etc. The organizer shall not be held liable for any of such damage.

■ Exhibition cancellation and rescheduling
Should a natural disaster or other unexpected event make it difficult to hold the exhibition as scheduled, the organizer may decide to reschedule it or cancel it altogether. In this case, participation fees and any other associated payments that have already been made shall not be refunded. The organizer shall not be held liable for any damaged caused by such rescheduling or cancellation.

■ Miscellaneous
The Japanese language shall be the governing language of these Exhibition Terms and Conditions. If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and its English translation concerning any matters described in the Exhibition Terms and Conditions, the Japanese version prevails. For matters not described in the Exhibition Terms and Conditions, refer to provisions set out in the Exhibitor Manual.


Before submitting this application, all relevant sections of the application form have been completed, and you have signed this application form (above) agreeing to the exhibition regulations. Incompleted applications will not to be considered.


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